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It is a sound you were never hoping to hear again-your adrenaline starts to rush as the noise of the alert begins to register in your brain. It is a ringtone reserved to signal only one thing…TERROR THREAT. Your pulse rushes and your heart pounds as you answer your cell. No greeting is necessary. “All agents must report to Langley Headquarters immediately” and then the click as the caller hangs up. When you arrive at CIA Headquarters a few minutes later, most of your fellow CIA agents have already arrived. No time is wasted after a call like that. No one is smiling and there is an uneasy air within the meeting room. The Director of the Central Intelligence Agency informs the room that a confirmed threat has been identified and a known terrorist has planted a bomb in his apartment. A bomb which he plans to detonate within 48 hours destroying not only his apartment, but half of the city along with it. Your team has been selected to lead this very sensitive operation. Your directive is to gain entry into the suspect’s apartment, assess the situation, locate the terrorist, and of course, disarm the bomb. Never one to back down from a challenge, you accept the nearly impossible mission. You had no idea just how impossible it would seem… When you arrive at the apartment with your team, you are fully equipped to put an end to this threat once and for all. You begin to assess the situation and carefully use a scope to look under the door and into the bomber’s apartment. You are shocked to see that the bomb is right there in front of your face-in plain sight. Exposed but covered, you see the weapon of mass destruction and quickly realize that this is seemingly just too easy. There must be more to this than meets the eye.
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